Monday, September 22, 2014

3 months

June 6, 2014 marked a quarter of a year for you little guy!

At three months old, you are such a little cutie. There aren't any height or weight stats since you don't go back to the doctor until 4 months.

You are still wearing size one diapers. Several of your newborn shirts are getting a little snug on you. We should probably go ahead and weed those out of your drawers instead of continuing to squeeze you into them. :) {I suppose that is my way of keeping you my little baby boy.} So, for the most part you are wearing 3 month clothes. 

You have 5.5-6 ounces of mommy made milk every 4ish hours, depending on if you urp any up in between feedings. I keep saying we need to make you wait it out a little longer so that you are eating more in one feeding. I must say that when you eat with Dad, your bottle seems to drag on for quite some time because you two like to nap together. Who knows, when you have a bottle with me, ours may take just as long but I don't notice since I am snuggling you. :)

You don't really mind tummy time but have found out that you can roll yourself over to end it! The first time you did it, and most times there after, it has been when you get mad about it. One day you rolled yourself over and then scooted clear off of the playmat you were on in only a few minutes. Maybe you are teaching yourself to do this quickly in hopes of escaping your Sister. She does love you so much... She just doesn't know how to control all of her love.

You have found your feet! You have also started hanging onto things...your animals (pacifier), toes, my hair, your burp cloth, my hair. Oh I mentioned my hair already, well you like it, a lot. It is hard to pry it out of your tight little grip!

Your awake times are more fun now. You like to look around and take everything in. Your Sister is the best at making you smile when she talks to you.

You are all because two people fell in love,

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