Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 and 5 months

You turned 4 months old on July 6.

We also had you baptized at church that day. As I sit here starting this post, you are making music to my ears, cooing away. I am sure those coos are saying, "Mom! You are slacking on blogging about me. Get with it woman!"

July 11th, you went for your 4 month check up. You weighed 13 pounds 10 ounces and are in the 25%. You measured 24.5 inches tall, putting you in the 30% for kids your age.
In the last couple weeks, you have found your feet and see to always have hold of them when you are playing on the floor. You also love to see just how much of your hand you fit into your mouth. When we are riding in the car, if you aren't asleep, you are playing with your tongue.

On August 6, you turned 5 months old! Where is the time going little man?

Mmm! Hand to chew on!

Now for a little bite of Tiger paci!

August 4th, you and Kinley started "school" at Miss Jade's. It took a week or so for them to figure you out and get into a routine with you but you did just fine. We even tried to get a discount since you came with a personal assistant. The girls informed us that Kinley is very helpful and kept a watchful eye on you. The way I see her at home with you, I expected no less. From what they told me, she was even a little territorial at first. She didn't want anyone to sit near you or talk to you without her supervision.
First day of school picture with Kinley

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