Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kindergarten- Day 1


I am not so sure that I am cut out to be a kindergarten teacher. While they are cute, I do not handle whining too well. Yes, you got a blister from the monkey bars. I have told you eight times to get a wet paper towel. There isn't much more I can do for your sore hand so you can stop whining about it.

{I come from teaching four years of second grade. I did not choose to move to kindergarten. While I may seem irritated, I think I will probably grow to love kindergarten.}

On a positive note, I received these from my loving Hubby, who forgot to sign Tobie's name. They were probably all her idea that he wanted the credit for. :)

To give him the credit he deserves, he has been very supportive through this transition. As much as he hates coming to school to help me, he has already put in two late nights. He also hasn't complained about the 15 or so late nights I put in before school even started. I am a very lucky girl to have him! I thank God every day for him and for the parents that raised him to be so loving.

I know I am complaining A LOT about this and would be complaining a whole lot more without the great friends at my school who have kept me going. I would have started the school year with a cluttered, empty classroom without their help and support. I am truly blessed to have great co-workers that I can also call friends!!!

There were two funny parts of my day.
1) While reading a story, a little boy (boy 1) farted. The boy next to him (boy 2) clearly points out that his neighbor farted and everyone started making a big deal about it. I explained that everyone farts and you just say excuse me and go on. Well, boys are.... boys and that did not settle it. So, I say, "Excuse me, that was me." They all looked at me so I said, "Everyone farts. Excuse me." and kept reading. Boy 2 looks at boy 1 and says, "Did you fart?" Boy 2 said, "No." And the farting mystery was solved.

***I learned this little trick from another teacher. If I claim it, they don't make a big deal out of it, so, excuse me. ;) ***

2) Shortly after the fart incident, I was explaining to the children what they would do for their 'assignment.' The paper says, This is _____. I wanted the children to write their name on the line and then draw a picture of themself. So I get my paper and am showing them. "Here's where I write my name and now I will draw my picture." I draw a circle and ask, "What does that look like?" Kids: "It's your head!" Me: "That's right! And what color should I make my hair?" Kids: "White!" "Brown!" "Yellow!" "Gray!" At that point, I say, "Brown is right!" while thinking 'That kid may be onto something. By June 3rd, 2011, my hair just MIGHT BE GRAY!'

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