Monday, August 23, 2010

Kindergarten- Day 2

I made it through another day!

Add: I do not care for restless "brain break" time to the list. While we're adding, put whining and tattling on there too! Oh, I already mentioned those? Well, I still don't care for them.

The day went pretty well. In the morning, the kids were pretty calm and did well with following procedures. They actually eat lunch without much drama. I would say it is a rather quiet area of the cafegymatorium.

Kindergarten story for the day:
At the end of the day, while I am working on getting their Eagle Folders ready to go home, I had tattlers telling me that kids were licking the bottom of their shoe! GROSS! I look over and sure enough. So, I procede to tell the whole class how disgusting that is. They could have stepped on dog poop and then they just licked it! EW! One child responds with: "I don't wear these shoes outside." I gently remind him that "You wore those sneakers on the playground at recess!" Not until it was brought to my attention later by a co-worker but he also... went into the bathroom, twice! SICK NASTY!

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  1. HAHAHAHA!! That is funny and SUPER disgusting!!!!!

    We have a Sheriff and the Sheriff handles all the small things, ie tattling (we discuss what's a small issue and a large issue where the teacher should know) they help the other kids work it out. Then at the end of the day the Sheriff reports back to the teacher about the "problems" the handled today, but the best part is...they never remember, so I don't have to hear the tattling ALL DAY LONG!!!

    There is even a badge!!