Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kindergarten- Day 7

WOW. Some things I experience at school I cannot put into words and it has nothing to do with the kids. Grownups. I am not made of time to do silly little things like take batteries in and out of walkie talkies every day. Are you serious? I have 24 5 year olds and no time to turn my back on them to do this, especially when new batteries have been tried and they still didn’t work. To me, it sounds like it is time to break the piggy bank and invest in something that is not cRaZy.

Some of my kids were a little bonkers today. Apparently, it is okay to hit people. Didn’t you know?! I had 4 hitting episodes today with 4 different kids. Two of them were quite unexpected. The others? Not so much. All that lead to phone calls home and it is only the 7th day!

Tonight I pray for patience with kids and grownups. I will be praying for my kids to magically mature over night, learn from their mistakes and guide them into making better choices. I also pray that they do not show up in my dreams. I do not care for dreaming about work. (Go ahead and add that to the list…)

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