Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kindergarten- Day 8 and 9

Day 8- Holy Cow!!! I have got my work cut out!!! Kids are SO, SO brave these days!

What 5 year old is brazen enough to tell a grownup they “will beat you up!”??? The answer: a student of mine! I thought the child was going to be eaten by my aide. I was scared for her when I heard the stern voice come out of her and then snatch that child’s hand up and take her to the principal’s office. I felt the air get sucked out of the class by all of the other students but I just kept on teaching.

I also had a student approach me (after being instructed by his mother) and say, “I stole from you.” WHAT?!?! Well, it turned out it was something from the class, airplane manipulatives. Later in the day, to show his sorrow, he hit a first grader in the stomach to “try and scare him.”
Things to add to the “Don’t Care For” list: students pinching, hitting or kicking other students, whining, snack… all over the place, saying you will beat a grownup up, defiance

Day 9, but who’s counting??? Me! Pick ME!

Good news, my ‘threatener’ had a lovely day today!!! I made sure to call home to tell the Dad so there would be positive praise at home as well as school. If I have to call the parent every day to get this behavior, I better plan on staying an extra 10 minutes! Others still had rough days. I took snack away from one for the first time. Sorry, but I do not think it is funny when you goof off while the rest of your class is trying to do their procedures correctly.

Rest time has gotten a tiny bit better. It is amazing what 1 M&M will do.

Things to add to the “Don’t Care For” list: practicing our hallway and classroom procedures (believe it or not, my students HATE this too!), finding out a child was spitting on the music room floor.

It’s time for a new list. Are you ready for this???? Things I Do Care For: a child that says, “I love my Snow.” “Thank you for giving me a happy face.” Unexpected hugs from the little people.

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  1. Ah, you are amazing. Yes... you will have stories on both sides. I'm so proud of you. So proud of you. I also love your documentation. That's cool. And, I love the background too. Super fun.

    By the way, we had a little boy tell another little boy "I can quickly kill you." What the heck? Seriously...where do you learn that language?

    Hope you enjoy your long Labor Day Weekend.