Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Days 21-23

Day 21- My friend that fell on Friday… chipped the tooth all the way to the root. The tooth was being extracted after I got off the phone with the mom at 8:35 in the morning. That student will be out for the next couple of days.

Another child’s mom called to say he was sick. She called back later to say that he has pneumonia. He will be out for three days.

A third child’s mom called to say her child was sick and would not be in.


When I spoke with the chipped tooth parent, I asked if it would be okay to tell the kids so we could make cards. She thought that was very sweet and that he would enjoy those. So we did. After making the card, I had a student come up to me real concerned. “Mrs. Snow, if he ends up in a wheelchair, he won’t be able to play tag with me anymore.” Trying not to chuckle, I tell him that is true but he is just having a hurt tooth pulled and should not end up in a wheelchair.

During our afternoon recess, I had a student poke a first grader in the eye. Previously mentioned Lightning McQueen was sitting on a bench chatting with me when I was trying to get to the bottom of why it happened. McQueen chimes in with, “That’s just not right. You shouldn’t have done that. How would you like it to you? I’m not your friend anymore, you might poke me and that’s just not right.” Needless to say, I did not have much to say since he was taking all of my good lines. I chuckled in my head for this one too.

Day 22- What is 25-8????

Give up???

It is going to be my class size soon. One would think I would be jumping with joy with the news that we are going to have a third kindergarten class starting in the very near future. However, that is not the case. 22 days into the school year and I am already attached to my little friends. Why didn’t we consider this on the second day of school?!? I do not want to have to try and explain to these little people why they have to move. I do not want to see their reaction to it. I do not want to see my reaction to it. I have already shed some tears over this and cannot imagine what it will be like when these friends know what is about to happen. They are 5 years old. It isn’t going to make much sense to them. Asking why do I have to move? Why can’t I stay? In my head, I picture them thinking they are not loved or wanted. That is not the case at all. Even though I know it is hard, I would keep all 25 of them if they would let me.

They are in a routine. They have to learn a new routine and get used to a new teacher and a new classroom community. These poor friends will still be going to specials with their regular class. How hard is that going to be separating them from their “old class” every day?

My prayers for patience have shifted to understanding for my little ones. I know in the grand scheme of things this will be best for them but I hope they and their parents can understand that. I am again reminded of this verse: "The human mind plans the way, but the LORD directs the steps." Proverbs 16:9

Day 23- Filled with more mixed emotions about what is to come with my class.

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