Friday, September 3, 2010

Kindergarten- Day 10 and 11

Another week is down the drain for me! I won’t be at school on Friday since my brother-in-law is getting married. It was really rough knowing that I would be in Florida while my kindergarten kids are still at school… well, maybe not. I will say that it is harder to be gone than to face the music and show up. I was at school until almost 10 tonight making sure I had everything my excellent sub would need and cleaning the pig sty up a little. I feel very confident in my sub. Almost two years ago, she did a long term position for my former second grade partner. She was awesome so I know she will do well with the kids and it makes it easier to leave.

Day 10 left us with yet another office referral. Get it together kid! And don’t stare at me and rip your ‘assignment’ into confetti on the playground… that does not go over too well. It’s not like you didn’t have plenty of time to do it. You just wanted to do it when it was convenient for you, which seems to be never.

Are you ready for a super bonus today???? I won a $100 gift card from Wal-Mart!!!! I am not sure how/why because I wasn’t in the faculty meeting to hear but how cool is that?!?! It has something to do with teachers always spending money out of their pockets so Wal-Mart is trying to give back. So that means I will be spending $100 less of my money on my classroom! COOL!!!!

Day 11 will be spent in the Sunshine State!!! So it must be good! When I return I may have something more exciting to talk about since I won’t be surrounded by 5 year olds

Adding to the Don’t Care for list: shouting out about “poop out the butt” for no reason! Ripping your paper into confetti pieces while giving me the evil eye. Whining that you need yet another chance to keep your treat after rest time; give it a break. It isn’t going to work!

No worries! There are some to add to the Do Care For list: “I love my Snow!” Having a 4 day weekend!!! Winning a $100 gift card from Wal-Mart (which is one of my favorite places to go!)

In case anyone is actually reading this and cares to know… there are only 10 days until my birthday!!! I told Hubby tonight that I can tell I am waist deep in school because I haven’t sent out any reminders to my family about it. Shocking, I know.

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