Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A little bit of Florida and Day 12 of Kindergarten

Florida was lovely! I wish I had more time to the beach and the pool but it was so great to spend time with Preston’s side of the family. I could have done without some of the naked mother-in-law shots… who really answers the hotel door that way??? All in all, there wasn’t too much chaos and it was a beautiful wedding. (More pictures and probably a very own Florida post to come... just wait for it, grasshopper. Fortunately for your viewing pleasure, none of the pictures contain the above mentioned mother-in-law.)

The view down the beach

My hot date and I waiting to take pictures in between the wedding and reception

My kids did well, not too many complaints from my wonderful sub. I was not surprised with the note I saw about some of their behavior. I can officially mark day 11 off the books!

Day 12 was a little rough. Seriously, two office referrals in one day for one child is excessive! Get it together kid!!! It was nice to have some of my little friends come up to me this morning and tell me that they missed me. I am exhausted and will probably play catch up for the rest of this week; however, I do get to put in a Scholastic book order!!! YAY! I love book orders!!! I am sure you will hear more about it when it is actually delivered!

PaL- Was this easier to read????

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