Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 24-26

Day 24- One letter back questioning if their child would be moved. See the letter was clear as mud. There was also a phone call expressing concern over the move. I am not responsible for those. Good luck people that are!

Day 25- I don’t get paid the big bucks to be the principal and make those kind of phone calls. Yep, I told my principal that when she told me to call the parent that sent the letter back. And… I was told I would not be fielding those calls, but here is their phone number. :) I then informed my principal that the first letter made it seem more like an option than a statement that the child would be changing classes. So she was sending another letter out.

Number Masters! I had 3 students pass their number masters! What is that? They had 10 minutes to write their numbers 1-25 without any reversals, which is a big feat for 5 year olds. I will now be doing a 1-10 category because there are several that are struggling with that. Those three will now be working on 1-50, then 1-75, 1-100 and then on to addition.

Day 26- “If you love it, you should just marry it.” Those words came out of a friend’s mouth while they were working today. What was being talked about? I have no idea; I overheard it across the room. Yes, I know, we need to work on our whisper voices. This particular child has been spending time sitting with me at recess just because. So, while sitting there I asked if he could tell me a story. “Hmmmmmm. I don’t have any. My gases are all runned out of stories.” So I asked about the “marry it” comment. “Well, I told my dad I loved cheese and he told me if I loved it so much I had to marry her.” Then I told him, “See, you just told me a story.” He said, “You’re right. I guess my gases weren’t all runned out. They were just afraid of the ghosts.” OOOOOKAY, whatever you say.

One of my babies that will be leaving me gave me a ‘letter’ today that said she would miss me but would see me at recess and in the cafeteria. Aww. I don’t want you to go.
Behaviorally it was an okay day until I had the student stop and get some positive lovin’ from the principal. When she returned to class she absolutely fell apart. Here’s to another day that is hopefully better

We have had some firsts at Snow’d Inn! I (We) used our crock pot for what it is intended for for the first time. Tonight we had a roast, potatoes and corn for dinner. I thought it seemed like such a grown up meal. Pa also gave us a dehydrator and Preston was very excited to make his first batch of beef jerky. YUM!

I am off to bed! It will be a busy couple of days coming up. Tomorrow I have to go to the dreaded dentist! YUCK. Then Preston and I are heading back to Sapulpa to put some posts up for a shade structure we are building at the school house. Thursday, we have a home game and will head to Stillwater as soon as school is out. Friday is Disney on Ice! YAY! Saturday, we will, hopefully, finish the pergola. Whew! That wore me out already.

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