Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 27-30 with lots of pictures!

Day 27- 5 days later I don’t have anything memorable to post about. If I think of something, I’ll let you know because I know you’re dying to hear about it. ;)

Day 28- First off, I survived the dentist! I even let Preston leave me there so he could get to the rental place to pick up an auger.

One child was sent home. You just can’t be acting a fool forever. Now that I think back, I don’t remember why she was sent home but no worries, I have it documented.

Hubby and I set the posts for the pergola after school. Thankfully a super dad from school stuck around to help us! We definitely could not have done it without him, especially since I had my new, cute, half price ($6) shoes on!

Day 29- Holy cow! Quit trying to beat your friends up! Before long, you won’t have any! At 9:40 I sent two kids the principal for hitting each other. I handed child 1 the office referrals because I wanted to make sure they actually got there. Well, child 2 did not like that she wasn’t carrying her own referral and tried to tackle child 1 in the hall. So I call my principal back and tell her to call me when child 2 arrives and I will send her the other one since he was almost tackled. She calls and I send him.

A few minutes later, I get a call from our counselor. “Can you tell me what the deal is with these two? They were sent to me.” I question her as to why and neither one of us could come up with a valid reason. So child 1 comes back and says, “Child 2 will be a little longer because she was being mean.”

We carry on with our day and child 2 returns (around 10:40), does her literacy center and then starts her ‘quiet activity’ of spelling her name and sight words with letter tiles (just picture Scrabble tiles). I am watching her spell and hearing her say, “Here’s my brother’s name. Here’s mine.” I take a peek at her tiles and see vlknawgnauibni or bijorolnyzxI. A few minutes later, I look up and see child 2 shove child 3 and child 3 toss some letter tiles at her. I tell them both to go to their seats and child 3 does. Apparently child 2 doesn’t have to listen and didn’t. So I go tell her to put the tiles away and go put her head down since she was not using the tiles correctly. She doesn’t, so I have to help her. Then she runs off to the corner of the classroom. She doesn’t so I have to help her go to her seat when she runs off again. I told my aide, “I will be back” as I am getting ready to assist the child out of the classroom. She refused to walk so I picked her up and off we went.

When we arrived at the principal’s office I see her in there with the new kindergarten teacher discussing her schedule. When I told her that child 2 had not changed her attitude. Child 2 was asked to go into the principal’s office and refuses so the conversation continued like this:

Principal: “well, take her to the counselor and have her call the dad to come get her at lunch.”
Me: “Lunch??? I think now. This is her second offense today.”
Principal: “Well, lunch was as early as he could come yesterday.”
Me: “With behavior like this, NOW should be the only option he gets.”
[While all of this is going on, child 2 starts whining and crying, “I don’t want to go home. I’ll listen. I’ll be good.]
Principal: “We’ll have to see what he can do.”
Me: “Okay, child 2. Let’s go to the counselor.”
Child 2: “No!!! I’m ready to listen.” And runs into the principal’s office crying and whining while the principal takes a call.
I follow her in and pick her up off the floor explaining that she was not invited into the principal’s office and we are going to see the counselor. She proceeds to flop herself on the floor in the front hall like a fish out of water.
Principal: “Do you want me to call the counselor to come help you with her?”
Me: “NO. I want you to call the dad for the counselor to help me!”
Principal: “Well, I just can’t do that because I am busy.” And she picks up the phone, calls the counselor to see if she can come help me with the child. I on the other hand, scoop the child up off the floor and carry her down the hall and stairs to the counselor’s office.

The counselor sent her home and suspended her for the next day. We had no more issues that day.

Talk about a draining day! Then I had to leave pronto after school to head to Stillwater for a nail biting football game. With only 2 seconds to go, the Cowboys had a win over A&M!! We got home at 1:30 in the morning so 7 rolled around quick!

The Cowboys were back in black and had a snazzy new Pistol Pete flag!

We look tired because this was at the end of the game.

Day 30- Peace. There was no fighting or shoving. What a nice feeling!

It was my 7 kids (I ended up getting to keep the 8th one that was supposed to be moved) last day with me. They had the opportunity to meet their teacher Thursday night. Friday afternoon they went down to their classroom for a bit with their teacher. It was not traumatizing to me and they all seemed excited about it. I hope that continues when Monday rolls around.

I left shortly after school to go see Disney on Ice! Yes, I am 28 and wanted to go! Yes, I dragged my husband to it too! When I was a kid, my Nandy and Pa took my brother and I to see Snow White on Ice. Whenever I go to Disney on Ice now, I think of that childhood memory. Thanks for the memories Nandy and Pa! Thanks Hubby for helping me relive some childhood!!

Here we are in an area of the fair that more our speed... the kiddie rides!

For a mere $10 dollars we could have taken our picture with this cutie:

Unfortunately, we missed the last Splash Show of the evening since our Disney on Ice started at 7:30

Jessie, Buzz, Woody, and Ham came for the Celebrations!

At the Tulsa State Fair (who knew Tulsa was a state anyways?), we tried chocolate dipped cheesecake with sprinkles on a stick! YUM!!!! I believe the cheesecake was shipped from Florida since we had frozen cheesecake at the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday came and went. We spent all afternoon and some of the evening at school finishing the pergola. I didn't do much but supervise for a while before I went in to work in my room but thanks to my wonderful Hubby, the super dad, a marvelous mom and super grandparents of students at school the pergola is 97% complete. We are returning tomorrow to nail the last of the lattice work to the top (it was too dark when we left to get it done today) and the I will have pictures to show for it! But here it is at the beginning:

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