Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 31-33

Day 31- I finally got a SMART board!!! Now, I just need to learn how to use it! We were kicked out of our room this afternoon so it could be installed. Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful day to spend the afternoon in!

When we went in, I had a friend say, “I feel sick.” I figured since we played all afternoon, ate snack and then played some more, he was just feeling his snack not settling right. About 10 minutes before school was out, his snack got settled… on the floor and in the sink. I felt really bad but made sure I got a hold of our custodian before he went home. Later after school, I walked over to get disinfectant wipes and found a surprise in my sink! Apparently Mr. Bobby didn’t use the sink in his clean up because there were leftovers there! YUCK! Luckily, I didn’t lose my lunch over that but I sure did give Mr. Bobby a hard time when I saw him.

All of my friends, including the ones that moved to the new class, had library time today. When I took my current class in, you would have thought they had not seen the other kids in years. “Aahhh, it’s so good to see you!” “Buddy, I’ve missed you!” All the while hugging these ‘long lost friends.’ It is all very sweet!

Here is a picture of the finished pergola!

Day 32- One more fart claimed today followed with a “Oh, Mrs. Snow!” I couldn’t help but laugh picturing the kids going home talking about my farts. However, I know that particular kid that made the after comment really appreciated that I claimed it since he was the one that let it go.

Day 33- Something really funny was said at school today. But, I can’t remember it! I shall use this as a learning experience and write all funny things down in the future.
My friend that was sick on Monday told me that he stayed home by himself the following day. When I asked if anyone came home for lunch he said, “Nah. I had a banana though. And watched cartoons.” Hmmm, something just doesn’t sound right about that.

Hubby is at it again staining. I may come home to an entire red mahogany house someday. After this project there really isn’t anything else to stain. The entertainment center should be back in the house sometime this weekend.

While he was working, he sent Tobie in because there was a ‘big dog’ across the street. So, I roam out there looking for it and see a tag gleaming in the sun. When I start whistling and calling it over, it came! She is very sweet and in my backyard right now.

I have called her owner, twice. It is quite confusing… the number on her tag is a 407 area code and the address is in OKC. For you non geography buffs, 407 is the Orlando area (I googled it.) and OKC is 120 miles away. Tell me, how did she end up in Sand Springs? Her tag says “Isis.” I am calling her Izzy even though I think you pronounce it ‘ice-is.’ Hopefully, her owner will call soon. Otherwise, I may have to give her a bath and take her to my Daddy. :)

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