Sunday, October 17, 2010

Days 34-39

Day 34- I hope you are ready for a story because I have two! Well, maybe three!

While at our afternoon recess, I am sitting on a bench while two of the kids are playing at my feet, in the dirt. They are building a ‘castle’ by piling all of the fine dirt up. “When we get this all the way up to space, we will see Jesus. Keep building.” Then continue to talk about seeing Jesus and one says, “His angels will come out and meet us.” Then they begin to discuss people they know that have died that they want to bring back to see Jesus. It was very interesting to hear their take seeing Jesus. Did you that know “He’s magic.”??? A third child comes over and they start telling him what they are doing and why. He responds with, “You can’t do that. You can’t just build a castle and see Jesus. He’s died.”

I continue to sit and listen as the conversation changes to ‘devil hair,’ also known as grass. Apparently, all of the grass is devil hair and some of my children are going to pick all the devil hair out. I tried telling them that they were going to be pretty busy doing that but it didn’t seem to deter them.

A few minutes passed when I am told a story by the main devil hair picker. He tells me, “A long long time ago, my old old grandpa and I drove our car down there to the devil. Then he stole the car and we had to run from the lava.” Not only did he tell me that story but when another teacher came out he told it to her too! And, it was the exact same. Normally, a kid’s story would change a little but not his.

Day 35, Friday, October 8-
Today was a little bit sad at the end of the day. One of my little friends moved. She is such a sweet kid and will be missed by all of her friends and teacher.

Nothing else too exciting is happening; however, I am pushing my kids to do Number Masters. Number Masters is a timed thing where they have 10 minutes to write their numbers. They start with 1-10, and then move to 1-25, 1-50, 1-75, and 1-00. After that, they move to addition and then subtraction. I am happy to say that out of 16 children, there are only 7 left that need to pass 1-10! I know what you are thinking… “1-10??? They can’t write that?” I thought that too but believe it or not I have some that cannot look at a number and know it is that number. But we will continue to work on it. My goal is to have no one working on 1-10 by Christmas. Good luck to us!

Day 36-39 (October 11-14)
Nothing too exciting. I had to mentally prepare myself for my first kindergarten field trip. AHHHH!

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