Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 43

Fall break was lovely but made a regular Monday seem so long....

The kids were pretty tame today. We kicked off Red Ribbon Week with "Round Up Against Drugs" day. Here is our door decoration....
When I was first telling the kids about Red Ribbon and why we have it, I asked for suggestions on a door decoration. I got: skeletons, black cats, haunted house! So, there we have it. They were allowed to draw any scary thing.
Today, when we signed our pledge to be drug free I heard some good stories about home. "My dad doesn't smoke much cause mom smokes all the cigarettes so he doesn't have any left. Then he has a beer." Or, "My grandma smokes and drinks all day long." No worries parents, I only believe half of what they tell me!
Please pray for a co-worker's husband and their family. He was in an accident today in Sapulpa. This summer, I saw what prayer can do for a hairy situation and have faith that things will work out.
I am off to get my PJ's ready for tomorrow! I love Red Ribbon Week and all the dress up days! I told our counselor we should extend this for a while since we have seen former students around the school smoking. Obviously, we need to make more of an impression on these kids and get to wear our PJ's while we do it! :)

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