Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Breakin'

Teacher meetings on Wednesday were stupid. I don’t know too much about our new math series but I feel like I knew more than the “fruity” guy that presented.
That afternoon I went thrift store shopping with one of my teacher friends. We were on the hunt for cowboy boots since next week is Red Ribbon Week. We are having western day on Monday so what is better than cowboy boots? We didn’t find any but we did find matching wind suit jackets, shoulder pads included. Mine is turquoise and hers is pink. I am sure there will be pictures to follow.
Unfortunately, I went to another teacher meeting today. You see, when I looked at our school calendar I thought that Wednesday and Thursday were professional development days. When I got a flyer to go to OECTA (Oklahoma Early Childhood Teachers Association), I thought, “I would rather go to that than something stupid at my school.” So I paid my $35 and signed myself up. I found out on Tuesday that Thursday was not a professional development day but since I paid with my own money and my Benji from high school was going to be there, I got myself out of bed and went.
As the garage door is opening and I walk out of my house into the garage, I notice a red car parked behind my driveway and think to myself, “There’s a car parked behind my driveway again. Don’t back into it.” Two minutes later, my PaL comes out in me and I bump into the car. If you know my Pa, you know he has a tendency to back into parked objects. The most annoying thing, besides someone rudely parking directly behind my driveway, is that I saw the stupid thing and thought, “There’s a car parked behind my driveway again. Don’t back into it.” Needless to say, it was not the kind of start I really wanted to my Fall Break. Luckily, there was little to no damage done. I think a Magic Eraser or a buffing by Hubby can fix the mark on both cars.
OECTA was good though. The key speaker had some good ideas. The first presenter sucked. I could have read all of her information in a book I already own. The second one, I got a lot of good ideas from and have already stopped at Dollar Tree to implement some of those ideas. The third one was very informative too. Just maybe, I will put something different in my sensory table now that I have 70 ideas!
When that was finished, I stopped by another thrift store in hopes of finding some cowboy boots. No luck… in my size. I did find Tobie a Halloween costume! She will be a ladybug this year.
I heard from Daddy-O that puppy’s name will be Petey, as in Pistol Pete. So, welcome to the family Petey!
Tomorrow, maybe, we head to Stillwater for a weekend of homecoming festivities. For those of you who don’t know, Hubby likes to think he is a homecoming king along with his two friends. We will just relive the glory days now...…
If you know what is good for yourself, you won't ask him, Cody or Coleman about it. ;)

Here’s to staying up late tonight and sleeping in tomorrow!!!

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  1. That was a really kickin dec!! Really wish it wasn't gonna rain..