Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 44

First set of report cards sent home. Only three more left!

Today was an interesting day. First off, I couldn’t help but feel helpless for my co-worker but what really can you do besides pray? I cannot imagine how it would feel to have a trooper pick you up at your job and take you to see your spouse. I feel truly thankful for the men and women who put their lives on the line daily so that I can be safe. This story was all over Tulsa news. When I first heard about it, I looked it up online. Then, I made the mistake of reading people’s ignorant comments. Yes, you have freedom of speech but you do not have freedom of unsympathetic stupidity in an unfathomable situation. This man was a husband, dad, friend, son, etc. An online news forum is not the place to leave your speculation of what happened or why it happened. Who cares why or how it happened?

Needless to say, Captain Green passed away about 24 hours after the accident. The Lord had bigger and better plans for him. I pray for peace and understanding for his family, friends and work family.

On to a lighter, more humorous story….

Two boys came back from the bathroom saying a third boy was peeking into the stall while others were in there. When boy #3 came into the room boy #1 and #2 made sure to let me know. I informed that I would deal with it. In the meantime, boy #3 apologizes to boy #1. He responds with, “That just won’t cut it.” I laughed really hard in my head, thinking he must have heard that somewhere before.

Later, boy #3 cuts the handle on one of my expensive $1 baskets. When I asked him why, I got a variety of answers…..

“My body just made me do it.”

“Because my papa. I just like him.”

“Because I really like your shirt.” At that point I had heard enough so I said, “You cut my basket because you like my shirt???” “Yes.” “What if I said, ‘I really like your shirt, I’m going to cut your hair.’” He got a really scared look on his face and said, “No.” in a really scared tone of voice.
I never got a clear answer. We’ll see what his mom has to say about this.

As I am typing this I remembered that I, again, did not take pictures of pajama day. Tomorrow is red day, maybe I will remember. Mark day 44 off. I am off to paint my nails red.

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