Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slacker Alert!

Well, being that today was Day 17… someone has fallen behind a little.

4 days and we have not had any more referrals! I don’t know what has changed about this student but I like it. Today, however, was interesting. My assistant, which I share with the other kindergarten teacher, was out sick. So that means we got a sub. Let me just say that in the future, I prefer no sub. Kindergartners just cannot adjust to a new person that easily and it is hard for me to adjust to a new person as well. I also went up to 25 students today. Please, in the future, let me know as soon as you know that I will be getting a new friend. There's nothing like hearing a knock on the door, opening it and finding a parent volunteer saying, "You have a new student (with student and parent in tow)." yay.

BONUS!!! I got my book order today!!!!!! HOORAY! I love seeing that red and white box at school!

Can you believe that I got all of this for $20?!?! Seriously, I only paid $20.

If you want to count it, you can, but I will go ahead and tell you that it is 62 books, 8 CDs, 2 center type games, and 1 manipulative set.

Now for back tracking a little. Since my last post, I have turned 28! No worries. I already freaked out about this back in March when I realized I would be turning 2-8. It hit me when I thought back to playing with my dear friend Holly. It seemed like we were never over 26 and had a thousand kids (so many that we kept a list of their names in our billfolds) by the time we were "25." However, I have passed the imaginary age limit and do not have a thousand kids, only 25… for 9 months out of the year (and on some days can seem like way too long).

Regardless, I am a very, extremely blessed 28 year old. I am married to a husband (who never played a big role in my imaginary life as a kid) that loves me unconditionally, takes better care of me than I deserve, and makes me smile every day just thinking about him. Together, we have one loving and well behaved furry child, Tobie Ann. She is my main grrrrfriend, my snuggle buddy on the sofa mobile, and tear licker when necessary. My Daddy loves me a lot, even though it appears I am not the favorite. My Mom watches over me daily and in our, what seemed short, time together made me the person I am today. I feel like a favorite grandchild to amazing grandparents and have always felt like I am my Grandma’s go to girl. My brother is a piece of work and I will never understand him but I still love him to death and would do anything for him. I have a niece I love to pieces, even though I don’t see or hear much from her (after all, she is only 3 so it’s not her fault). Thanks to my parents, I have lifelong family friends that always remind me of my Mom and let me know of the ways I take after her. Those family friends help keep the memory of my Mom alive. I can never repay them for that but will always be grateful. I have godsons that are adorable, loving and funny. I am fortunate enough to have in-laws that do not drive me insane. They love me as if I am their own. The family I married into is a hoot. It is always a good time when we are together. My friends are priceless. At times, it seems like we were separated at birth, or at least share a brain. A good time is always had by all, whether or not it is a quick bite to eat, a few days or a vacation. I thoroughly enjoy my co-workers, who are also my friends. Best yet, I have a God. He is patient, understanding, and forgiving to me. He provides and protects all of the things I am so very blessed to have in my 28 year old life.

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  1. Jennie..... I want to order next time you have Scholastic. Seriously. Send me Facebook or email message. I'll come to your town and order there. I am trying to build my own collection and I'd love to do it through your class. :)
    Please, don't forget me.