Monday, March 7, 2011


Oh, Cat in the Hat
It's been nice, but you must scat!

Read Across America week is through. We were fortunate enough to have a guest reader 4 out of 5 days! On Tuesday, a 3rd grader and sister to one of my students read to us.
On Wednesday, a high school student read The Cat In the Hat
On Thursday, Hubby's Aunt Nancy took time out of her day to come read.

I am sure she left with some chuckles after being informed that she "could go to a doctor to be made into a boy if she wanted." I do not even know how this conversation was started but sure did chuckle while it was happening. Nancy was great with the kids and read until she almost lost her voice. As soon as she finished one book, they would ask for another, and another, and another.

And, on Friday, our ELL (English Languange Learner) tutor read Green Eggs and Ham in Spanish to us.
When Mrs. Montgomery was finished, I asked the kids if they knew how to say thank you in spanish... "THANK YOU IN SPANISH!" was the response. :) I guess I shouldn't have asked. Then we learned how to say gracias.

After that, we had a celebrity come read to us!

That's right! Eat your heart out! It's Justin Beiber!!! {insert 5 and 6 year olds saying "Justin Beaver! I love Justin Beaver!" or "(in a grumpy voice) I don't care about Justin Beiber."}

We even got out the water colors to paint some fish bowls

Playing with ooblek
After making a list of important things they may need to say, here are a few of the thank you cards that were made for Miss Nancy:
This artist was very concerned with what color shirt Miss Nancy wore. She wanted it to be perfect.
How adorable! She is standing on a rock to be the same height!
"Your the greatest" It's true Miss Nancy, you are pretty great!

It is crazy to think back to where these babies started and how much they have grown! At the beginning of the year, I could not have put words up for them to copy without lots of cries out for help. My little babies are growing up!

Time for a new countdown? I think so! 5 days until spring break!!! However, two of those evenings consist of parent teacher conferences, which means 2 at least 11 hour days. ick. Then we are off to visit the CUTEST niece!! WOOHOO!!!

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