Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have been racing around trying to finish up report card testing before conferences. **bonus to kindergarten= no grading papers. the down side to that is the testing that has to be completed with each student for their report cards. It's not like I can bring the kid home to test them like I could with grading papers, recording them in the grade book and averaging. Wouldn't Hubby just die if I came home with a 5 or 6 year old saying, "I brought them so I could finish up their report card testing."?!?!

On the plus side--- one conference night down, one to go!!! WOOHOO!

In my mind, I have stuff that I want to blog about but am too lazy to do it. It involved putting pictures up and lately the picture loading has been a pain in the rear. Here is my list of things: Girls weekend in Dallas and Baby Horton's party. Oh what the heck, maybe I can mark it off tonight...

So, I went to Dallas with 2 of my girls and another flew in from KC. We did this all to hang with a bestie before she moves to Australia. {I know, cool huh?!} We had SO much fun! It all started as soon as we got to the Cheddar's parking lot. We met Missy and Erin there for drinks before heading home for the evening.

We didn't stay out too late because we had a busy day of shopping, silly pictures and pedicures planned for Saturday.

We ended the evening at a yummy pizza place a few blocks from home. It was a super funny,10 minute, ride home which some may recall better than others.


Sunday, we did lunch and a tiny bit more shopping before we headed back to Oklahoma.
It was such a great way to send Missy off on her Australian adventure.

Next up is Baby Horton's gender revealing party. My little is expecting her first child in July. They hosted a party to reveal what type of baby they were having. The rules were simple, wear pink if you thought it was girl and blue if you thought it was a boy.
I win! It's a girl!!!

Their cute little family

I need to start thinking about packing only 3 days until we leave!!!

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  1. I just now found your blog. Cute!! It looks like you girls had a great time!!