Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is for you Pal!

I have been reminded that "I'm stuck on 112." So these quick school days are for you old man. I'm sorry "my skirt hasn't touched my ass" in a couple of weeks. [Did I get that saying right?!]

Days 114-116 wrapped up the conference days and last days before spring break.
Right around this time, a middle school student, and son to a principal and teacher in my district, was diagnosed with brain cancer. In a few short weeks, they have already moved to Memphis, Tennessee, to be at St. Jude's Hospital. Please keep Isaac and the rest of the Walsh family in your prayers.

Days 117-121: These days entailed trying to get back in the swing of things. It is so hard to play catch up when you go on vacation for spring break. {Spring break will be another post or two of their own!}

122: A case of the Mondays happened today. It's never a good sign when you have to tote a kid up to the office.

123: We've got caterpillars! Our caterpillars came in today! Now we watch and wait for them to turn into butterflies! How fun! I sure hope the weather warms up by the time we release them.

124: Today I was reminded why I do not teach upper grades. My kids were pretty good all day. Then I go to bus duty for 15 minutes and want to scream! Who do you think  you are, 4th grader, talking to people in such an ugly manner? Some day you will be treated like dirt, which is how you were treating people, and you will not like it one bit. Then you go and trick a poor kindergarten kid so you can get on the bus one person sooner. Real cool. You also won't appreciate being bullied either. However, this was further proof as to why I need to make sure my little babies learn to respect others now. I just hope they don't forget it.

I know this isn't a great update but hopefully it will get my Pal by for a bit. I do have other stories to write about, such as John Wilkes Booth, being hit in the surgery, and spring break, of course!

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