Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 7- Unlovable

Was my day Unlovable? Not really. Read on to find out what was! 

Today, we made a project! I spontaneously had the idea for it and was actually able to pull it off. We were learning about expectation #2, ‘We will not laugh at or make fun of a person’s mistakes nor use sarcasms or putdowns.” This follows one of the 8 expectations of Great Expectations. So we read Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino. It is a super cute story. Here is the summary, thanks to
“When Alfred, a supposedly unlovable pug (or so the cat tells him) meets a new neighbor dog through the solid fence, he can't help himself: "My name is Alfred," he says."I'm a golden retriever." As long as he can keep the fence between himself and Rex, Alfred is relaxed enough to get to know his new buddy. They share many likes (sleeping in the sun, dog food, and scratching) and dislikes (baths and the vet), and spend hours chatting. But then one day Rex decides to dig a hole under the fence so he can come over to Alfred's side. It's the moment of truth--will Rex find Alfred unlovable when he sees him face to face?”

After reading the story, we talked about how Alfred felt to be putdown and then I showed the kids how to make their unlovable dog.
My Unlovable Alfred

Here are some of the finished products…

7 days into school and I have already fallen behind. However, we are slowly getting into a routine. Little by little my friends are getting the hang of it... except I keep adding new things to their plate. The beginning of the year is always hard, no matter what grade you teach. In June, I left my big kids. The ones that I finally had 'trained'. Now, in August, I have babies again. No matter how we the cookie crumbles the babies find their way to the beginning of the year!

I also encountered a first today. Today was the first time I have ever had one of my boys pee behind the tree at recess! There really isn't much more to explain. My principal told the his mom to "blame dad." I laughed when he told me that he said those words to the mom. He followed up with, "It's true. How many times do you think they have told him, 'just go behind that tree,' while playing outside?" Point taken.

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