Monday, August 22, 2011

Where does the time go?!

While I still have not completed my Australian holiday post, I must post about the first day of school. It is hard to think that yet another school year is upon me. Today, I had the first day of school for the sixth time in my career! How am I that old?
It will be a whole new year. It is refreshing to start fresh. New principal and new students. Quick highlights of my day…
• 23 students
• Having my principal spend roughly 30 minutes in my classroom with a crier
• Crazy lunch hour, yet pretty smooth
• Surprisingly calm “brain break” [which did not consist of worry of “pooping or peeing in my paaaantieeees”]
• Quick afternoon due to specials and a short all school assembly to just get the hang of going in there
• Talking to 3 parents after school about self control
• Feeling drained at 4:20

Did I ever mention that school lasts until 4:00? Well, it does, which makes the afterhours at school seem to fly by. Oh, that’s right they do! We are in school until 4:00!
Today I felt very overwhelmed. I had done the first day of kindergarten before and under more forced tenses but this year seemed even more stressing than last year. Maybe I went in too confident since I had done it. Maybe I went in with too much of a ‘plan’. Maybe I had a huge case of the First Day Jitters. Whatever it was, I could do without it tomorrow.
Some things on the agenda for tomorrow include practicing our line order, sitting down, pushing our chairs in, lining up, sitting down, lining up, sitting on the rug, lining up walking in the hall, sitting down, pushing our chairs in… do you get the idea for tomorrow?
I even received a special delivery! Too bad I didn’t get to see the delivery boy! I hear he was quite the hunk!!!

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