Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Only 170 days to go...

Day 2 of school and still no Australia post. Sorry folks. In due time it will come. :)

I had 2 criers today. When I say they cried, I MEAN, they CRIED! Cried so much that my principal came to check on me. I saw his head peeking in the window giving me thumbs up (as a question). After peeling one off of mom, she was fine 10 minutes later {just as she was yesterday too}. When this child saw mom at the end of the day, she kind of looked at her like, 'is it really time to go home?' I told her to remember that in the morning when I am peeling her away again.

"__ is really good on the pole!" WHAT?! You guessed it! Right out of the mouth of babes. This child was referring to a pole on the playground. It's one of those that has another pole winding down it. I guess it is called a coil climber. It looks like this.

Today in class, we talked about the Magic Triad, which consists of a smile, kind words and a soft touch. We only covered smile and kind words. We showed smiley faces to each other and talked about how even a smile can change how something sounds. Later, we talked about how kind words make us feel. We worked on making our own triad out of popsicle sticks and pieces to go on our classroom triad on the wall. While we were doing this a little girl came up and said, "you know how we were talking about kind words?" I answered 'yes' wondering where this was going, when she said, "You look so pretty today!"

I also had to call a mom. Yes, on the second day of school. I did inform her that 'I know it is the second day, but I want to nip this problem and attitude in the bud. Right now.' The little friend did not seem too phased about having to call, as she started the conversation asking, "where are our swimsuits?" This was after I said --loud enough for mom to hear through the phone--,  "take the shoe out of your mouth so you can talk to mom on the phone."

Tomorrow is a new day.

In other, more exciting news: We got a webcam on Saturday! I have Skype'd my niece twice! We also have a date to do it again on Saturday! It is so fun and I am irritated with myself that we didn't do this sooner. She is funny because she doesn't want Uncle Preston to be in on our fun but he is the one that bought us the camera (after Claire 'typed' to him asking if he would, AFTER I suggested she ask him instead of me). Of course he said yes and we were off to Wal-Mart within in the hour. I said, "You have to go now. You told Claire you would get it tonight and you don't want to let her down."

this is from our 2nd call together :)

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