Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've been to the land down under....

Our summer holiday led us to the land down under! Our travel partners were Courtney and Chris. They were excellent planners! I would definitely travel with them again! {hint, hint, C2} We went to see my BFF, Missy, who has moved there for a year for work, but spent lots of time sightseeing while she was working. The trip was amazing. We traveled to 3 of 6 Australian states in 10 days!

Here are some in no particular order, which is really rare for me!

Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef
We all tried scuba diving. We had a quick lesson and then went out to be put to the test. Let's just say that Missy and I make great shopping partners! Good job to the others who were able to do. Maybe I will try again next time.

That's my Boo Bear diving down to take a picture of a sea turtle. A professional took this cool picture!

Boone even had a snorkeling adventure

We got to pet this cutie at Featherdal Wildlife Park! He almost seemed fake! Hubby actually thought he was.

What a cool bridge and amazing scenery!

With the 3 Sisters at the Blue Mountains

It's Kanga and Roo!

Don't mind me petting this kangaroo! Yes, it is eating out of an ice cream cone.

Our Friday adventure around Sydney is just getting started

A typical, dorky hat picture with Missy

Street Art in Melbourne

Boone visiting Missy's office

My first (and probably last) Australian Census. We were asked to fill this out on the night of August 9th. They want to know how many people were in their country on that exact night.

We were so sad to leave our friend! BUT, we had an amazing time!!!

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