Tuesday, June 19, 2012

35 weeks- part 2

Here are some little tidbits I forgot to include in the first  35 week post (which seemed very long to me)....

I was on a mission to make a bow frame. It was a pinterest project I found. I started with a lovely $5 frame from the Salvation Army Family Store.

I ripped all the backing off (it had paper glued on the back keeping that attractive golfer in) and painted that bad boy pink!

Added some ribbon and later some hooks (with Hubby's help)
excuse the blur on this!

And WA-LAH! A bow frame!

In preparation for getting our pictures taken, I went shopping. I just needed to see if anything jumped out at me saying, "I would make an excellent outfit for maternity pictures!!" The first place I looked were the clearance racks at Target. Throughout this pregnancy, I tried to buy clothes that I can wear again when I am not pregnant. Since flowy clothes are... it makes the task a lot easier. 

Anywho, I stumbled on to this gem:
photo courtesy of Courtney!
Did you know this once cost $28!!! I have definitely gotten my $7.06 worth of it. 

Preston also celebrated Father's Day. I mean, all of the men in our family did but it was Preston's first. He will object, saying he has been a dad for 8 years to Tobie so I remind him this is his first Father's Day as a Dad of 2. Then he objects saying it isn't official yet, "she's not here yet." Then is when I wish Kinley could kick on command because I would put my belly up to his face, have her kick him and ask, "Is that real enough for you??"

After Tobie delivered his gift, she wanted to help him open it

His new key chain from his girls

So, trying to get a dog's attention is easy. It is the husband I had trouble with!

That means we end up with a slightly blurry picture because I am tired of trying and Tobie is tired of being promised a treat or a walk in return for an attentive pup in the picture.

On our way home, we saw a rainbow!

Tobie is patiently resting her head on Preston's leg in hopes of getting a bite of steak. It didn't work. 
In regards to Preston's becoming a Dad.... I do agree with him. Tobie made him a Dad almost 8 years ago. She allowed him to know it was okay to love unconditionally. She made him come out of his loving little shell (even though he didn't want a 'girly dog'). His own mom even commented that she didn't know if he would ever show his emotions. Well he does... for her especially. I am sure he will do the same, if not more for Kinley. 

However, now he is a father of 2. One 4 legged child and one 2 legged child is quickly on her way. I know I have said before how lucky she is to have him for a Dad but I really do believe that. He takes great care of Tobie and I and only has more love to give when she gets here. His parents raised him to be a good man and I 'trained' him to be what I want in a man. Kinley is going to have an excellent example for how a man should treat a woman which also means her future (I don't want to say husband yet, she's not even here! I can't go giving her away already!!) has a lot to live up to. 

Just to prove it... the other day, we were talking about something and I commented about my appearance or how I felt like I looked for the day, something along those lines.
P: you look fine.
me: you have to say that, you are stuck with me for life.
P: {looking down to Tobie and including her in the conversation} well, Tobie, we have to be nice all the time. we don't want Kinley to think it's okay to be talked to like that.

In a nut shell, I can't wait to see what kind of Dad he will be to our little Snowflake. It will be a huge culture shock to him being that he has never changed a diaper, held a baby for an extended amount of time, used a car seat, and the list could probably go on... but I am still so excited for what is to come! I love you Boogley Bear and can't wait to go on this adventure together!


  1. Preston is a very lucky man to have such a wonderful wife and soulmate. Both of you will make wonderful parents. The saying goes... a child doesn't get to choose their parents. I believe differently, in that God makes that choice for us! Kinley is a very fortunate little girl! God doesn't make bad choices!

  2. I;m not sure if this will go thought, I and Nandy and are sure proud of these two grandkids and We see the excitement that they are showing for this blessed event. God loves those that love HIM. Amen wordfs from an old man. Love you ALL, Three now four to be soon. Pa

  3. Ya'll are so cute and will make amazing parents. I love you guys!!

  4. As always, you made me giggle. That bow thing turned out CUTE! Way to see potential in an otherwise bland frame. You're awesome!