Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grammar Guru???

I think not!!! 

I know that I am not the best one to be discussing grammar rules and judging other people's grammar BUT... I do know the difference and proper way to use some words. I would hope that if it were my job to create an ad or publish it on a table that I would have better knowledge of grammar and catch things like this.
I found this lovely grammar jewel when we went have breakfast for lunch on Saturday afternoon. All of the tables are covered in various ads. I noticed this table was made in March of this year so it may be a while before this little snafu gets corrected. When I saw it and went digging for my phone, Preston said, "don't!" He thought I was digging for a pen to correct it! 

"Only 1 Block South of Where YOUR Sitting!"

I did laugh at the "Covered Vacuums that Really Suck!" (it got cut off at the top right.)

 Somewhere I have seen a poster or sign that relates to YOUR and YOU'RE. It compares the two to help show the difference.

"YOUR shit and YOU'RE shit"

Definitely a difference in the two words!

Like I said, I am not the best at grammar. I probably have a lot of run-on sentences and too many commas but I just had to share.

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  1. I do love a good grammar snafu... Pinned something that said, "I'd like to hire a 3rd grader to proof your Facebook posts." poor grammar is all around. Miss you wit in my life!