Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pinterest Inspired

During my summer break, I have had time to do some little crafties. These ideas were inspired from pinterest or I just found directions to help guide me. 

The first project was a hair towel. Several years ago, like 7 at least, I had asked for Turbie Twists for my birthday. Nandy obliged and bought me a set of 2. They work like a charm after getting out of the shower because they hold your wet hair out of your way and the are not super heavy like wrapping your hair up in a regular towel. I used them religiously every day. Then maybe 6 months ago, the white one went missing! 

Just by looking at the towel, I figured I could make one pretty easily... I just never got around to it. During a Wal-Mart shopping trip, we happened to go by the towels so I grabbed two hand towels. I also got a, "what are those for look?" So for a whopping $4, I got 2 new hair towels!

The top one was my first. Then I decided to get fancy and add some ribbon that I had laying around to the second one.

Wha-La! My fancy new hair towel

These were made for two of my girlfriends. What better way to thank them for hosting a shower than with a little school spirit?!

for the Allen's

for the soon to be Murray's
While I was painting the M, I thought, Chris, Tiffany's fiance, may not enjoy it as much... he is a Sooners fan, but he needs to know what color their house will bleed. :)

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