Thursday, March 5, 2015

11 months

Well Brother, another month has flown by! It is still hard to believe that you are going to be one in just a short month!

Your favorite game is to see just how fast you can take a shoe and sock off after it is put on. You play this game at home, in the car and at school. You also like to see how fast you can alligator roll on the changing pad {which you're pretty fast!}. Another favorite is swatting at the spoon while eating. When you are successful, it knocks food right out of the spoon.

You love food! You start and end your days with a big ol' bottle of Mommy Milk. At school, you have another bottle in the middle of the day but on the weekends, you tend to just have food. On Sundays after church, we have been frequenting McAlister's. We have started getting you the kids macaroni and applesauce. Some days you have been known to eat more than your sister does! When eating baby food, if a drop falls onto the tray, you love to slap your hand into it and smear it around.

You are still wearing size 3 diapers, much to my disliking, we are venturing in to 12 month clothing (where is my baby going?!?) and you are finally wearing your cute little size 2 Converse shoes since your foot is a little bigger making it harder to take it right off.

You are always busy and on the move! Whether you grab the walker, are trying to 'help' your sister play or trying to get a handful of dog food or Tobie's hair, you are always going. And you are fast!

You are a good little nighttime sleeper. Some days your nap cycle is questionable but 95% of the time you are good napper too. You are still having a morning and afternoon nap. Guess all that playing just wears you out.

Wyatt Bear, you are so precious! Your eyes light up when you see Kinley, Mommy, or Daddy walk into the room. Tobie even gets a little sparkle from you! Shortly after that sparkle comes the adorable smile that just melts my heart. I can't believe you are almost one!

You are all because two people fell in love,

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