Friday, March 6, 2015

One Year for Brother Bear

I can't believe my little Brother Bear is already one!

Sweet Wyatt,
It seems like yesterday you were just a sweet little baby in my arms. Now you are an always on the go little boy!

I remember being a little nervous for you joining our family just because I didn't know how we would all react. But you just made yourself at home and it feels like you have always been part of our family! There was definitely plenty of love for you all around.

Your sister took a few days to warm up to you but has not stopped loving you since then. She may even love you a little too much for your likings some time. I pray that you two have a caring relationship. Where you have each other's backs no matter what. Where you are each others best friend. This is one of the greatest things I wish for you. You are off to a great start because she loves you pretty hard. She loves to take care of you and always checks on you, whether you are at school together or in different rooms at church.

You are a lucky fella to have your Daddy to show you the way. He loves to hang with you and have "boy time". As you grow up, he will be a great example of what kind of guy you should grow up to be. Some qualities I hope you learn from him are his work ethic, how to treat other people, his laid back personality, his love to be outside, and his passion to be with his babies. If you only learn a little bit of each of those, you will turn into a fine young man. (but don't go doing that too fast, you hear me?) Your Great Grandma O once told me that he was handier than a pocket on a shirt and I believe it.

I hope that you find a passion in life and go for it. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Stand up for what you think is the right thing. Be assertive without being aggressive. Try to learn something new every day. Follow through with your words. Be kind with your words. Be thoughtful in all you do.

You are my wild little boy. By wild, I mean that you seem to already have your way of doing things. I can't wait to see what the world has in store for you!

You are all because two people fell in love.

I'll always be here,

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