Monday, April 16, 2012

26 weeks part 2

A few pictures that needed to be on the 26 week post but just didn't make it in time...

I ended up getting the bedding out Friday night while I was waiting on Hubby to come home. I opened it all and then I decided I had better wait for him to put it all together.

There you have it! Our little girl has a bed to sleep in!

We attended a pretty fantastic wedding on Saturday night. The handmade invitation came in a box. I thought I was being invited to a celebrity wedding. The group that sang at the ceremony was really good! At first I thought we were listening to a recording, then I saw they were really there singing. The reception was at a place called The Barn. There was a tent set up outside where the dance floor, cake and tables were. Inside the actual barn was where the food was set up. There were also 3 little areas set up as picture booths. I can't even really describe the unique character everything had and there were so many cool things that I couldn't take pictures of it all but here are a few.

a table centerpiece

one of the chandeliers hanging in the tent

the cake piano- there were 3 real, yummy cakes and the others were just for looks
inside a photo booth
That was all I had but thanks to facebook, you can see more!
the bride and groom- rumor has it Angela made her dress

chandelier in the barn
another table centerpiece

in the barn
those are scrapbook paper flowers on the wall! how cool!

congrats Curly and Angela! their first dance :)

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