Monday, April 2, 2012

Bounce U!

No, that's not supposed to be offensive! It's the name of an inflatable bounce house place. Saturday, I went to my first birthday party of one of my students and it was at BounceU. They have two 'bounce rooms' and then some party rooms. They spent 30 minutes in each room and then went to have pizza, cake and ice cream. 

When I got there, they were already off bouncing in the first room. The main thing you heard were screams as they went down the slides. The birthday girl was excited to see me there. Her family also thought it was nice that I came by. At one point, her grandma said, "You've hugged and said hi to Mrs. Snow, what about your Grandma?"

One bounce room had a double slide, air guns to shoot balls at a target and a multi bounce house with an inflatable basketball goal/ football arena. I think the kids mainly used it to bounce around in. The second bounce room had another slide, an obstacle course, a bounce house with little slide and a spider web like thing with a trampoline under it.

This is my paint drawing of the apparatus. There was a yellow net that went around the whole thing too.  That square at the top is where you climb in to go down the slide.
On the spider web thing, all those 'webs' are elastic-y so your best bet is to use the yellow netting and climb up the side. One of my little girls was having a hard time (I don't think it helped that a bigger girl was just laying up there, like it was a hammock, stretching out the web), so I climbed up there to help her out! {don't worry, all I did was climb. nothing too excruciating.}

It was hard! You had to make sure all your limbs went through the same hole. I tried boosting her but that wasn't working out so well. Finally, I just climbed to the slide and pulled her up there. I think it was the only time that she went down that slide!

After that excursion, we went to the party room. We ate and watched her open her presents and then it was time to go. I would highly recommend having a party at BounceU. Who knows, maybe I'll have my birthday there! :)

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