Monday, July 9, 2012

38 weeks- part 2

Let us put silly Babies R Us behind us and continue with the festivities from week 38.

After picking up our glider, we headed out to watch the Sand Springs fireworks that were on the third. When those were over we came home and Hubby put together the glider (as you saw in the 38 weeks post.)

Against the Husband's wishes, I set my alarm for 8 something on the 4th. We decided we would venture down to the Arkansas River with Tobie. I wanted to make sure we got up and went before it got too hot. After all, I didn't want to have this baby in the river. Ew.

We had a pretty laid back Fourth of July. We spent the day as a little family of three since that will soon be changing.

My little sleepy heads

Loaded up and ready to go!

Tobie is all geared up in her life jacket

Splish! Spash!

And they're off!

Shaking off after the first little swim

What a happy pup!

Making their way across the river
This is where Tobie jumped back in and wanted to swim back to me. What a sweet girl, she didn't want to leave her Mom. :)

They made it!

Coming back across... she got a little tired so Dad carried her a little way

Swimming in the last leg

Back on land and drying off
 We even played on the playground a little bit

 And tested out the slide!

Sniffer overload while drying off!
Much drier after romping around the playground.

A little senior picture action

After our river adventure, we went home to have some lunch and take a nap. BUT first things first, Tobie had to have a bath so she didn't smell like a river rat! Poor little Kinley got bumped into the edge of the tub a few times in the process.

We spent the evening watching the Boston Pops Fireworks show on TV. There were also fireworks being shot off in the surrounding neighborhoods that we could see from the front or back porch. Tobie is not a huge fan of fireworks so the Boston fireworks were her favorite. It was very low key but nice to just hang out at home.

Thursday, I went to lunch with a couple ladies from school and ventured to Kohl's in search of some shelves. After that outing, Tobie and had a little nap together. Friday was lazy day. I didn't shower and get dressed until 7:30 at night. 

Saturday morning, we went to Super Hero birthday party for Hubby's cousin's kid. He turned 5 and seemed to have a lovely time at his party. We were supposed to dress like a super hero... my super power is growing a human. :) After the party, we ran a few errands before coming home for a nap. Then we ventured out again later.

They were test driving the stroller through the house... just practicing. :)
Sunday (7/8), I woke up when my alarm went off, went to the bathroom and then crawled back into bed. When I woke up again, it was too late to get ready for church so we had a lazy morning. We had a few errands to run so we headed out for the day. Before doing that, Hubby had to double check that a shelf I bought really didn't fit in a certain spot. While he was doing that I was overseeing his progress. Standing at Kinley's closet, I shifted my weight and pulled or pinched a muscle in my thigh. When that happened, I screamed and grabbed my leg. Hubby thought something big had just happened and had a slight heart attack because he thought it was go time! After I felt his racing heart, we laughed about it... some laughed more than others (that would be me!). I'm not sure what he is going to think to when it really is time to head to the hospital.

Since a new week is almost here, I guess I will wrap this one up. 


  1. I just told my husband, "I really like reading Jennie's blog. Like, even if I didn't know her, I would want to because she's so entertaining." Your little swimmer, Tobie, sure is cute. Can't wait to meet Kinley!

  2. Well it sounds like and looks like the three of you had a very nice entertaning and restful weekend. Keep it up you guys and enjoy life its great if you make it great and enjoying every bit of it. Just think next month this time of the month you can bring Miss Kinley into the lime light. Have a great Love Pa and Nan

  3. You nap a lot. :) Better sleep all you can before little Kinley comes!!! Love you!