Saturday, July 7, 2012


Found this little visual guide on pinterest. Too much information? Probably. But I figured that since I have been posting food visuals for how big or long Kinley is this just made sense.

Pinned Image

In other words, HOLY CRAP!!!Who knew this is what I was getting myself into?!?! I know that the outcome will far out weigh images like this but I can't help but to think HOLY CRAP!!! And, I would like to see a man do this. :)


  1. Holy Crap,education and knowledge is so wonderful and scary. Boy,,,,,I'm so glad that Nan and where so dumb, if we knew this new life stuff' I'm afraid Jennie Marie you wouldn"t be here cause Nan would never even slept in the same bed with me. My My wisdom is Sooooo scary. I'm glad you are educating Nan and me at this late date in life, Hells bells I don't want to be around the female gender any more. Ha Ha Ha That's a laugh girl. wisdom from and old man. Love Pa

  2. You have ruined bagels for me, forever!!!! xo