Sunday, August 26, 2012

Newborn Pictures

In a previous post, you saw a glimpse into having newborn pictures taken. My sweet friend, Courtney, came over on her day off to take pictures of Miss Kinley. Tiffany also came as her assistant. A friend asked me, "What if the pictures don't turn out?" I responded with, "Did you see the pictures she took of us before Kinley was here? I'm not worried about it." Truthfully, I was worried about Kinley remaining in a sleepy state for the duration of pictures. The girls got to our house at 9 in the morning and didn't leave until 4:00! There were lots of feedings, diapering, posing, and eating of Chick-fil-a in that time.

She took over 1000 pictures and then narrowed it down to 150. They are all great but these are some of my favorites....

Our Little Snowflake

This one is probably my most favorite!

Our family of 4

She looks so snuggle here!

Sweet face!

Tiny little hand

Go Pokes!

Precious little feet

Big Sister was always checking on her!

This bow debuts at 9 days old. It will be seen again in monthly pictures.


Our family

I think this one is precious too!

Tobie wanted to make sure she wasn't left out of the kisses

I like how Tobie looks so proud here

Dad with his girls

This was at the very end of the day
She just looks so exhausted!
We can never thank Courtney enough for capturing all these amazing pictures!!! 
Job well done, Sister!

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  1. It is so wonderful you have such caring friends to do this early in life photography. Thank God each day for such goooooood friends. the pictures are beautiful , of course Courtney hard wonderful , beautiful models.. Love the old man. Pa