Friday, August 10, 2012

The count starts over! ....Week 1

Now that Kinley is here, does the count start over? It might as well. There are grandparents and great-grandparents, aunts, uncles  and friends that want to know what little Kinley is up to.

Kinley made it through her first week! Or should I say her parents made it through the first week! As I type this, I can see that we went picture crazy to start off. I know our picture taking has taken a downfall since we first brought her home. BUT, do not fear, you will still get pictures of this little girl. still provides us with lots of information. If you aren't all that interested in the facts from babycenter, you can always skip down to the pictures. 

The one week old tidbit from babycenter is:
Your baby's eyesight is still pretty fuzzy. Babies are born nearsighted and can see things best when they're about 8 to 15 inches away, so she can see your face clearly only when you're holding her close.

Don't worry if your baby doesn't look you right in the eye from the start: Newborns tend to look at your eyebrows, your hairline, or your moving mouth. As she gets to know you in the first month, she'll become more interested in having eye-to-eye exchanges. Studies show that newborns prefer human faces to all other patterns or colors. (Objects that are bright, moving, high-contrast, or black-and-white are next in line.)

There are other interesting developmental facts here. (Pa, you will probably find this stuff quite interesting as you are re-learning everything you never learned before.)

Onto the good stuff! 
7/20/12- Sister time before we go for the first weight check

7/20/12- Ready for bed in my Daddy's girl pajamas

7/21/12- Preston picked out the jeggings (leggings that look like jeans) at Old Navy. He chose this fashionable outfit because Jana was coming to visit and she loves her some fashion.

7/21/12- Girl Power!

7/21/12- Heading out for the first of many walks
7/22/12- Kisses from Tobie

7/22/12-- Met Uncle Ryan and Aunt Priscilla via Skype

7/22/12- hanging out on my play mat

7/22/12- Mom and Dad gave me my first bath at home
7/23/12- favorite thing to do with Dad

7/23/12- Meeting Nandy and Pa

7/23/12- Kisses from Pa

7/23/12- Tobie wonders... "Is she staying??"

7/23/12- worn out from meeting new people
7/24/12- Early morning snuggles with Mom

7/24/12- Afternoon snuggles with Dad

7/24/12- Those were good snuggles! See the sleep lines?!

7/25/12- Snoozing with Tobie

7/25/12- more snuggles with Dad

7/25/12- Cuteness from Harper and Heather

7/25/12- You guessed it! More snoozing/snuggles with Dad
During Kinley's first week, she met lots of people who already love her so much! She also got to spend lots of time with her Daddy since he took off work for the week. I tease Preston that he gets to have pleasure snuggles while my snuggles are mainly business (when she is eating). We are so blessed with great friends and family who have brought us food, called to check on us, and visited us. Every night I thank God for the wonderful people that are in our life.


  1. Aww, Jennie! Love all the little updates. I keep missing your face at school... just not the same without you. I'm delighted you get to spend time with your sweet little Kinley. She's so dang cute!

  2. Thank you Jennie for being the bestest Mom anyone could ever have! Kinley is the most beautiful child I have ever seen and held. Thank you God for blessing us all. Love you, Grandpa Snow.

  3. SO cute!! love all the pictures! Keep them coming!!