Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rounding out the first month -part 1

Dear Weekly Updates,
I am not sure this is going to work out. It's not you, it's me.
You see, I have found that I just haven't had the time.
We can still be friends. I'll still update you. I just can't commit to a weekly date right now.
We can try again when we have a better hang of things.
Very late in posting,

While I really like the idea of posting something every week, I found (and you can probably tell) that I just haven't had the time. Everyday, in fact probably several times a day, I think, "I should go write a blog!" Then my beeper, also known as feeding time for Kinley, goes off. She will definitely receive a monthly update consisting of her big accomplishments each month and there will still be posts during the week. I have to keep my viewers happy. ;)

So, catching up will contain mostly pictures. No one wants to hear read what I have to say. I'm no fool! They want to see the baby!

LeFlore Poppins came to visit us

Cousin Claire loves Kinley so much! She was real excited to see that they had coordinating outfits on!

Siblings and Cousins one last time before they head to back to Ohio

July 26th- The first time we changed the diaper genie

July 27th- Before went back for another weight check
Kinley also lost her belly button this day!

Saturday, July 28th- 9 days old

Sleeping so peacefully before pictures

Courtney and Tiffany setting up for pictures

the set up

Courtney is taking the picture, I am under the blanket holding  part of the pillow up
and Tiffany is holding the blanket to block off the background.
That is true Sister Love!

Snuggling his girls after a day of pictures

They were all tuckered out after 7 hours of picture time
(keep in mind: baby needed to be sleepy so she had lots of feeding, changing and posing in those 7 hours!)

so peaceful after a long day

Girl Power!

Monday, July 30th- Dad's first day back to work

"Read it and believe it!"

Tobie snoozing under the crib while Kinley snoozes in the crib

Tuesday, July 31st- Jennifer and Jillian brought us some yummy tacos!

Friday, August 3rd- Snuggling my girl after her 2 week check up and shots
She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 22 inches long.
She took her shot well and didn't cry too much. I think the part she disliked most was  having to get unsnuggled again and being held down for the shot.

Snuggling his girls

Look at that neon orange band-aid they gave her! 

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  1. Good report and don't feel bad about not sitting in fron of your computor all day to tell us of life, we've been there honey bunch and we know you now have YOUR own family, and we love it. we do like to see pictures of yourself also,,, so keep them coming---- when timers allows . Love from Nandy and Pa..