Friday, August 24, 2012

Rounding out the first month -part 2

These pictures highlight the rest of our first month together. It is always so hard to look through pictures and only choose a few because Kinley looks a smidge different in each of them!

August 4th- Kinley is legit. She got her Social Security Card.
Your dad is so in love with you. I'm not sure he was ready to fall so hard for you. 
This is their favorite position. I could snap a picture of this every night if I really wanted to. :)

Red-ish sunset due to fires that were only 15 miles away

August 5th- Big Sister camping out by Little Sister

So sweet!

8/5- The Liggett's came over to meet Kinley!
Tiffany came over with all these 'gay' Chick-fil-a cookieshave you had their cookies?!? they are damn gay!!! 
{amid all the CFA controversy, my girls and i decided that gay means good.}

[don't know the CFA controversy? it all has to do with the christian owner stating he doesn't believe in gay marriage. shocker?! i think not. the company has always been open about its christianity. i mean they are closed on sunday too. that has nothing to do with chicken. why are people surprised now that he has made this statement? who knows. in my personal opinion, you can be gay, you can get married if you want. it doesn't have anything to do with me. in the mean time i'll be eating my CFA. :)]
Anywho, my cookies asked me a question and I said yes!

Monday, August 6th- further proof of a daily picture

She just fits right in perfectly

Tuesday, August 7th- Kinley got her first package in the mail

she looks really excited, huh?!

August 8th- what a precious little outfit

Tobie is sneaking in on her!

Friday, August 10th- Dad fed Kinley her first bottle

Chillin' in my chair

Saturday, August 11th- Kinley met Aunt BA while my sweet mother-in-law was here cleaning our house  so I could host bunco on Monday (she said and I quote: "it's always more fun to clean someone else's house." For a small fee, I will act as her agent and book her if you are interested. ;)
I offered her a job every other weekend and told her Kinley would pay her in snuggles.)

Kinley and I hanging while the cleaning action happened. I was told to stay put and  "take care of that baby and relax."
Kinley wouldn't smile so I decided to make a sad face with her.

What a sweet girl!

August 12th- Dad has a tendency to tuck Kinley into the couch

August 14th- They are so sweet together (Preston doesn't believe me but this is more proof)

You and I ventured out of the house for the first time together on Monday, August 13th. We went to school to work in my classroom. I'd say you weren't overly impressed because you slept most of the time we were there. That wasn't always the case though.

You spent some of your day in the sling. It seemed to remind you of your old womb.
Get it?!? old womb, instead of room???

Your Dad finally got Gus certified to drive you around. Who knows why he procrastinated so long to have his car seat checked in the truck?! Your first ride in Gus was on August 16th when Dad picked you up from the school house.

Next up... One Month Update!! Where did the time go?!


  1. So how much does Kay charge?!?! :)

  2. Love the pictures and I'm with Heather... How much does Kay charge?! Not that Joe would let anyone come clean our house anyway. Boo. The picture updates of Kinley are always precious times a million. <3