Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1 Month Already?!

Disclaimer: I feel like this post is very unorganized but being that we are getting closer and closer to the next update, I want to make sure this gets posted. Since the blog was updated within the first few weeks,  chances are high that repeated information made this post. The 2 month update will be a little more organized, not so all over the place and posted in a more timely manner.  Now onto the pictures! 

Take 1- remember this bow from her newborn pictures?
Where has the time gone?! Today you are a month old! It seems like yesterday that we were checking into the hospital to welcome you into the world.

Every day I look at you and am in awe that you came from inside me. I watch you in amazement that God made you so perfect for us (not that I don't think and know that He makes blessings everyday but that He chose us to be your mom and dad). I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mom.

As you can see from Take 1, it wasn't going so well. We stopped for a bite to eat.
Some days I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing but you seem to be okay with that.

Take 2
Aside from your piranha like eating habits that usually last for an hour (when you 'sit at the bar') and are the cause for tender body parts, you are a relaxed and easy baby. You are eating every 2ish hours. Sometimes you hold out for longer, especially if you are napping with your Dad on the sofa-mobile. Dad was so excited to feed you your first bottle. Being that it was his first time, I was there to oversee the operation. You chugged that first bottle down like it was the last of the breast milk on the planet. Shortly after, you urped most of it up. From them on we had to pace your drinking, which makes you mad to stop and burp or just chill every now and then.When you take a bottle, you drink 3 ounces. 

Big Sister, Tobie, waiting patiently while we took pictures
You are normally laid down to sleep for the night around midnight or 1 and sleep until 5 or 6. In the past month, I probably could have taken a picture of you and your daddy snoozing on the couch every night.  

Now it's Tobie's turn to be in the pictures!
Snapping a picture with her Big Sister and future BFF (they are just both in denial right now)

You are still wearing newborn diapers and newborn clothes. As many clothes as you received, I think you did start re-wearing outfits. Even at that, they look so different on you since you are starting to fill out.

At your 2 week appointment, you weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and were 22 inches long. 

This was Take 4 for this sticker and bow set. The picture that followed this one had spit up coming out of her mouth and nose, so we were finished with 1 month pictures.

One of the bargain frames I bought now has pictures!
baby pictures of Mom, Kinley, and Dad
(please disregard the fact that it looks like Preston and I were 90 when we had our first child. amazing how enhanced technology is now!)

Grandma Snow bought you your very first charm bracelet. Since your  nickname was Snowflake before you had a name, we suggested that your first charm be a snowflake.

When you went to school with me, you were kidnapped by Mrs. Holt. She caught you smiling in your sleep.

Again, the next post will be more organized.(the previous statement is made to so I will hold myself more accountable because this one drives me crazy!)

In the mean time, I will get over how crazy this post feels and soak up all the joys of being home with Miss Kinley's and getting to be her Mommy. I love sharing every minute of her life with Preston and couldn't ask for a better Daddy to my little Snowflake.


  1. I am happy for you and Preston. Ms. Kinley certainly chose the best for parents ever... Ms. Kinley is a very wize baby and must have talked to Tobie on several occasions as to your parenting skills. Thank you for sharing such a miracle with Grandma Snow and me. Love you all so much!

  2. Oh that Kinley is precious....seriously, my new favorite baby even though I don't see her often. You know babies still terrify me a little. ;o) You're a wonderful mommy and I love watching how naturally you take the role.

  3. You should've told me that you already had monthly onesie stickers!! I would've taken them back and gotten her something else!!!