Sunday, September 2, 2012

Orange Friday

Someone in the sporting world (i'm assuming that is where they came from) dreamed up College Colors Day. You know, where you represent your college of choice by wearing their colors. Clearly, Kinley's college of choice is Oklahoma State University. :)

This particular day the university did a photo contest on facebook. It had vague instructions for entering and voting but what better do the girls and I have to do??

This is the photo we entered.

We took this photo for our 2.5 year old friend Keaton, who was just diagnosed with leukemia and who also LOVES the OSU Cowboys.

a little close up
We didn't win anything but as I said the instructions were vague but they still got lots of 'likes'. 
{call me biased but I think they should have, especially over the picture that did win ;) }

Later in the day, Kinley ended up like this......

That picture should be called:Kinley and spit up-3, Mom-0. Yep, I got it 3 times within 10 minutes. She was laying over my leg being burped when the first one happened. It got the chair pretty good. The next time I sat her up to be burped. Thus time it got my leg... real good. Like soaked my pant leg (good thing I was still in my jammies). When I got up to get a new burp cloth, I realized it had run down between my legs and soaked my crotch. Nice, huh?! So, Kinley ended up out of her college colors and in her diaper.

Tobie says, "I didn't spit up on the chair or my mom."

***these pictures are my attempts at good photography, bear with me as i pretend to be as good as Courtney. 
a girl can pretend, right?!


  1. Yep....I can tell your are getting better than your early photos, but you must remember your subject matter is getting better and cuter, so keep up the good work. Nan and I really enjoy them. Love Pa

  2. I also celebrate College Color day. I'm happy to see that Kinley is hip to the world of OSU. Not that I would expect anything less...