Friday, September 21, 2012


Being that we had a newborn in the house, we watched a lot of the Olympics. I don't remember watching as much in the past. It all seemed so exciting...especially when I was up in the middle of the night feeding Little Miss. I liked the gymnastics. Hubby liked the women's beach volleyball. You would have thought he and Misty and Kerri went way back to grade school together. 

Anywho, in order to watch the events, I had to make it through the opening ceremony with Hubby. Below are some of the things I heard, just during the opening ceremony....

During the Queen and James Bond segment you would have heard these questions/comments...
"Is this Olympic stuff or a dog food commercial??"
"So is this them really going to the Olympics"
"Oh, an old lady didn't really jump out of the helicopter."
"Let me see her hand to make sure that really is the Queen."

Later he asked:
"Why didn't he shake anyone else's hand? What's so important about the violin guy? Why not the cello girl?"

While I realize this would have made more sense to post right after the Opening Ceremony, Kinley made a good reason for me to NOT blog. I just wanted to document how traumatic watching the Opening Ceremony was. I felt like I was going to scream at him! It definitely didn't help that he was in and out of the room and not really focusing on what was going on.

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