Monday, September 17, 2012

Hats and Dolls

While preparing for newborn photos, I scoured etsy and pinterest for ideas. Etsy is home to lots of homemade goodies that people sell. There was definitely a wide variety to choose from!

baby Shrek

Squirrel baby

Sombrero and poncho baby
Nipple head
Courtney later explained this one to me...  how it would be funny for the kid to wear it while breastfeeding because people would really think your boob was hanging out. I guess it is a jab at people that think breastfeeding should not be done anywhere in public.
 Some of the items were modeled on quite scary dolls....

 That same week, I went to an antique store with my friend, LeFlore (she's from school, so she goes by her last name), and saw more equally scary dolls!

Regardless of all the funny hats and scary dolls, I decided on the following hats for my precious doll.
How could I not get this snowflake hat for my little Snowflake?!


I just thought this one was fun.

 I must say I lucked out with a pretty adorable model. :)

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