Monday, September 24, 2012

2 month snapshots

Here are various snapshots from Kinley's second month....

at Kevin and Erin's wedding
Grandpa O visiting... who put who to sleep??

i was pumping so Tobie jumped up on the couch to check on Kinley when she was fussing in her swing
what a sweet big sister!

are these my style??
Dad said, "Kinley! You look too grown up. Those are not for you."

Missy is finally home from Australia and came to visit

an example of Daddy/Daughter snuggle time

Nandy and Pa came to visit
(Aunt Carol came too!)
more Daddy/Daughter snuggle fest

Cody and Caroline and Dad and Kinley

We started having bath time in your bath tub

Happy birthday flowers and balloons from my girls

The following are from our first trip, as a family of 4, to the Arkansas River over Labor Day weekend.

before we made the journey down the little hill

Grandpa O trying to get Petey to swim
(he was not a fan but it was his first time...)

our little river rat loved it!
she was SO worn out afterwards!

Kinley and I hung out, on a rock, under an umbrella
 We took several self photos while the boys were with the pups in the river.... I'll spare you and only post a few.

after Preston and Tobie made it across and back

cooling off while the pups got rinsed off 


  1. lovely lovely family pictures. All ready you two are starting to build memories, Keep up loving each other and Kinley will say I sure got a good loving Mom and Dad......Love Pa

  2. Love the Kinley updates. They're definitely some I always look forward to. You guys are a precious family.