Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's been a while but...

a new installment of Crazy Stuff My Pa Says is coming 'atch ya!!! 
(I picture the crowd, a crowd, well someone, erupting into a roaring cheer and applause)

They (Nandy and Pa and Aunt Carol) were dolls and came to visit on the 18th. I am glad that Aunt Carol (Nandy's sister) came to visit from Texas. I believe she twisted Pa's arm and got him on the road. :)

Snuggles with Nandy

Snoozing with Aunt Carol

While here, he said he didn't want to hold Kinley because "I'm not very stable and if I dropped her I would never forgive myself." I told him he would be sitting so it would be pretty hard to drop her. He still refused. As I was holding her, he got closer and closer and that is when 'Kinley' started talking to him, asking how he 'could resist this face?' and that he 'didn't come all this way to sit and look at me!' So he caved. He tucked himself into the corner of the couch and it started. From the second he got her in his arms, he never stopped talking to her or singing to her.

That my friends is the jewel I have for you today. Songs from Pa. 
Getting ready to sing with Pa

I remember growing up he would always sing ridiculous songs and now I have a few on tape so Kinley will never forget them. It really was sweet how much he talked to her. I could tell by the tone of his voice how over joyed he was just hanging out with her.

When I showed this last one to Preston, he said, "What the hell is he singing?" and then asked if we would be singing Nelly or some other rap song to our great grandkids some day.

And that concludes Songs from Pa. 

Now for a doozie of Crazy Stuff he says.....

He was also flabbergasted that I gave Kinley cold breast milk out of a bottle. "Cold? That's cold milk?! No wonder she cries. Do you put your tits in the fridge to cool them off before she eats from them???"


  1. Pa is my FAVORITE! I love all his crazy stories and sayings.

  2. Dear Jenie and PRESTON, In the early 1950's Nandy and I went to movie that was named South Pacfic, Mitzy Ganner and Donald O'Connor was in it. Donald was a tap dancer and singer and he sang the son Aba Daba Honey Moon and I was so awed that this song stuck i my mind all these many years. I'v sangit to our children, Grand childen and thank goodness was able to try to sing it to all my great grand children,so remember Grandson Preston you to will have a song, or a poem, or story stuck in your mind forever an you will have tell your great grand chilren wath you remembered years ago. and sixyears ago we where envited to hear and see Jane Faith recital and a year ago we start seeing picres that Courtney had taken and remeber such good photos they are. ''''''.,....,,,,,,,,,dddddsssn mmmm nnn I've miss spelled and don't know were to put comma's and period's I through afew extra'ss in so use them as needed Ha Ha Ha Love Pa.