Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Snow'd Inn Wildlife

Here at Snow'd Inn (you know, what I call my house), we see various wildlife.
**all of these photos were taken pre-Kinley so if you are only interested in Kinley pictures, you can skip this post. ;)
remember this guy, Franklin? Tobie still occasionally checks for him in the flowerbed

Speaking of flowerbed, here are some of our cute little purple flowers before they got roasted in the 100+ degree weather. They look very sad now, all brown and crunchy.

 Then there is this 'wildlife' that likes to hang out in the 100+ degree weather. She doesn't normally stay out too long after we check the mail but she will just layout on the driveway to catch a few rays. When she has had enough, she comes to the front door to be let back in.

One day (July 15th to be exact) when Hubby was watering, he came back in to tell me there was a bunny in the backyard. So, of course, me and my 9 month pregnant self goes out with the camera to take some pictures. Remember, I like to pretend to be a good photographer? (the new camera really helps with this dramatic play)
Little Thumper from a distance

I got a little closer and zoomed a lot!

I think this one was after I changed the lens to an even bigger zoom
Pretty cute little guy!

He is on the move
 I followed him through the yard, snapping away and found out where he came in it. The next few pictures would be great for a flip book.
checking to see if the coast is clear on the other side

maybe not?!

yep, it is! i'm out of here!

so, long Thumper! See you around.

In the coming days, we saw Thumper quite a bit in the front yard and flowerbed. He didn't normally stick around because Tobie would bark it away. On special occasions, I would let Tobie chase it out of the front yard. She was also very adamant about checking the flowerbed to make sure it was wildlife free. 


  1. You are doing a good job on your photos, I enjoy them all. keep p the good work. Love Pa

  2. Whoa! Fancy camera work, chickee. I like the pictures of the cute bunny.