Saturday, September 22, 2012

2 months

It's hard to believe 8 weeks has gone by! At the end of my pregnancy, time was moving so slowly and now... It's going so fast!

Your 2 month appointment was the day after Mom's 30th birthday. I do love taking you in to see our doctor  because those nurses just love to love on you! One nurse said, "Come on Mom! Let's go parade her back to be weighed." This particular nurse, Jacque, or Nanny as she calls herself, especially loves to love on you. During this visit you got 4 different shots and one oral medicine! 
bright pink band aids for your shots
worn out after your 2 month check up
You were not a huge fan of the shots but did not have any issues later. It was nice to come home, eat, snuggle and then take a little nap together.

Look at that little lip turned out and getting so sad!

You weighed 10lbs 2.5oz which put you in the 51st percentile.
They measured you at 22 inches tall (dad and I think you are taller) which puts you in the 42nd percentile.{we measured you at 23.5 inches!}
Your head was 15 5/8 inches full of brains! (this was a home measurement)

These were your first pajamas. You have officially grown out of them, you tall girl.
At around 6 weeks, you started wearing size 1 diapers after a few incidents. They were not by any means blow outs that I have heard of but if we can prevent that moving up a size, we'll do it! You are still wearing your newborn clothes but we've noticed that some of the onesies are getting a little snug. Some of 0/3 month clothes fit you nicely but some still look too huge for you.

Tobie had enough.... she got up and left Little Sister to topple over.
My sweet baby is getting so big!
You are such a strong girl. We got your Bumbo chair out and you hold your little head up nicely while sitting in it. You don't love sitting in it for too long but do tolerate it. 

strong girl!

just hanging out
 You enjoy laying on your play mat and checking everything out. It seems like your feet and hands are always on the move. You are always watching your hands fly around over you and always surprised when one bonks you in the face. Tobie tends to lay further away from you because she doesn't enjoy your sporadic arm and leg movements. We just keep telling her that you are still learning how to control those bad boys.

the flailing hands a only a blur in photos
During the day, you aren't much of a long time napper. I have noticed that if you fall asleep "working" (having tummy time), you tend to nap longer than on your back. So, on your belly, you will nap for at least 1.5 hours. On your back? Only 30 minutes at a time. So I generally give in, pick you up and we glide together in your room. Night time sleeps are going good! You have your last 4 ounce bottle around 11:30, which means we lay you down around midnight, and you wake your sweet little self up around 6. Dad will usually pop your pacifier back in your mouth and get another 30 minutes out of you. Dad says you "sleep like a champ!".

You are smiling more when we talk to you. I just can't seem to catch it with the camera. (I vaguely remember being camera shy when I was little so maybe, just maybe, that is where it comes from. :D) Your favorite time for smiling is when you first wake up and we lay you down to change your diaper. During the day, you get fussy when laid down to change your diaper but then it's like you realize where you are and start smiling again. 

You and Dad still love to have evening snuggles. Sometimes Dad looks at my pictures on my phone and says, "You took a picture of us sleeping?" and then he keeps looking, "Another one?" "More?" You two just look so comfy and content.
just one sweet example of night time snuggles with Dad
  Some of your firsts...
You attended your first wedding and we finally made it back to church. While we were there you had your first 'communion' when you went with Mom and Dad.You had your first river outing when Grandpa O came to visit over Labor Day weekend. You helped mom blow out her candles. You met a future BFF, Caroline, when she stopped by on a visit from Ohio.

 Kinley Binley, every day I look at you in awe of wonderfully made you were. 
I feel like the luckiest girl to be your Mommy and I know Daddy loves you to pieces more and more every day. We are truly blessed.

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  1. yes, yes, yes yes, yes you and Preston have sweet little girl and we love the photos more and more, You are doing a good job. Can't think of anything smart ass to say so I'll sign.. Love Pa....