Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Friday

{this has been sitting as a draft since October... Fail for me. It needed to be posted so I could reference it in Kinley's 7 month update, which is coming very soon! And might I add that she has gotten so big!}

My last Friday before returning to work was October 19th. I was able to talk Preston into taking the day off so we could enjoy it as a family before I started back to school and Kinley started daycare. We did lots together! After getting around in the morning, we ran a few errands and had lunch. We returned home to relax a little and pick up Tobie so we could head back to the park.

After the park, we went back home and loaded up the car to go to Stillwater for America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration! We met Courtney, Tiffany and their Chris's and walked around looking at all the house decs.

What a Pike/Phi Mu baby looks like
You can see a whole video of homecoming on youtube too. We are at the 1:55 mark.

While in town, I was dead set on having cheese fries from Eskimo Joe's. We went there but the wait was 3 hours! While waiting we shopped at 'The Endzone' next door. Preston decided to stay outside with Kinley and the stroller while I went in looking for a shirt for Claire. I followed these 2 girls in and overheard, "Um, ok. I hope that baby's mom is shopping in here. If not, I'll take it home." I almost said, "that baby's mom is behind you and no you can't take her home." I just kept my mouth shut instead. Inside this store is where Kinley met her first celebrity, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist wrestler, Coleman Scott.

That really concludes the adventures of Family Friday. It was so nice to have the day just for our little family since life as we knew it was going to be changing come Monday morning. One perk about my job is all of the breaks throughout the year.

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