Friday, February 1, 2013

To my little Snowflake

{I started this a few weeks before Kinley's arrival...}

In the coming weeks, life is going to make a drastic change. A change for the good.

I prayed for you before I ever knew you. I prayed for you ever since I found out there was a little you inside of me! It is hard to believe that in a short amount of time you will be making your debut. I will continue to pray that you are a happy and healthy little girl.

I am so excited to meet you! I am excited to see your little face. I can't wait for you to meet all the people that have loved you since the day they found out about you. Don't be scared of them... they have always been that excited about you.

{...And wrote a little more after Kinley was born...}
Now that you are here, people are not going to be interested in much besides pictures of your precious little self. As you grow, I will include stories of you and milestones you reach. I pray that your your Daddy and I will help you grow into a wonderful child of God. That you will live your life full of happiness and joy. Help you learn right from wrong. Encourage you to be an individual. Love with all your heart. 

I just hold you and think how amazing it is that you grew inside of me. I feel so happy to be your Mommy and know that your Daddy will move mountains to make sure you are happy.

{...Now that she is 10 weeks old, I guess I should wrap it up.}
Every day that I wake up and see your sweet smile I just want to scoop you right up and snuggle you to pieces. 

the first dreaming smile i caught on the camera

the first 'just woke up' smile (9 weeks) i caught on the camera

10 weeks grin when she woke up 
I look forward to seeing your precious self grow up... but not too fast. If I could put you in a box and keep you little and snuggly I probably would. Since I can't, know that as you grow your Mommy and Daddy will always look after, protect, and pray for you. You are a little blessing in our life. 
You are all because two people fell in love.

Love you my little Snowflake!

**And now that you are six months old, I can assure you that the love we felt at 10 weeks is only bigger and deeper now! Who knew you could fall more in love? You are such a joy to us.Your precious little smile is something I want to remember forever. I just want to record every part of your life so I never forget it, or so that it seems like you will never get too big. Could you imagine having hours and hours and hours of your life to look back and watch. Talk about a load of cuteness! I love to see the little ways you change now and can't, but also can, wait to see you crawling, walking, running, and talking. Just take your time. I'll always be here.

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  1. Did you notice that no camera was involed, and yet you have pictures in the mind and (our) little Kinley was not present. Isn't it wonderful how memories are in the mind and and give you pictures after pictures. Oh memories in the shadow of your minds, Oh memories are so very fine. And honey girl you will have them for the next 70 years to suffle through the mind, better than a Photo album. Love form an old man Your Pa l. love and God bless