Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Random thought...

It's no wonder I have run out of room for pictures here. When I get out the camera, I don't just settle for one quick snap. No, no, I take like 10, hoping that one will be just perfect. I mean with either Kinley or Tobie it already is perfect but you know, how you envision a perfect little shot? Just for one month alone, I loaded 700 pictures to pilfer through and decide to print.Why don't I just delete the bad ones? The blurry ones? The ones that look almost identical? I guess I feel like someday Kinley would miss out on that *one* picture. Maybe my goal should be to narrow the pictures I do have down to only the best.

Or maybe I should learn how to really use my camera so that I get better shots the first time. There's an idea to run with! Put that one on my bucket list. In the mean time, I guess I will just keep clicking away on the camera!

And, I read a blog off of another blog about a mom that got behind on monthly posts. She said it didn't really matter because it was obvious that her child was loved. True that, stranger. My Kinley girl is loved beyond measure and I hope she always feels that regardless of my lack of updates. {though I do want to be better because i want to always remember her sweet little baby days}.


  1. Oh Oh the greatness of the mind and brain, and oh the greatness of quite time when my whole world thoughts go to Terry, Debra Marie , little Jeffrey and Ohhhh bashful Jennie Marie and Sharon, anna Lise, and quess what I didn't even have a camera to capture everything. However I've got every picture not one did I miss, and I take these to my grave with me and nobody will be able to discard them in the trash like photo albums HA HA HA Thoughts from an old men. With memory's I have real tears in my eyes. Love Pa l.

  2. Today and until my time ends I have new memory's now they are of Claire and little sweet Kinley, Don't need a camera I still have my eyes. Love to my NEW great grand family. From Pa l Love God Bless

  3. It's special that Kinley is so loved. It will help her be a good person.

  4. I agree with said stranger, but us who don't get to see her often want to hear about her!

    1. We should fix this... it's to like we live that far away.