Monday, January 14, 2013

Kindergarten Crack Ups

Here are a few funnies from my kindergarten friends....

Have you ever heard the word fret? You probably think that you know what it means, don't you? I thought so too...until I learned a new definition for it. According to a kindergarten friend, fret is when you are scared and you fart. I guess this is similar to a shart (when you think you have to fart but a little shit comes out)?!

Friday, a friend told me she was going to get married when she was 18. "I'm getting married when I am 18 but I'm only going to marry a Christian." Another friend suggests a boy in our class so I watch her go ask him, "are you a Christian?" He said, "a what?" {I had already started thinking this was a bad idea and that response just confirmed it a little more}. She then says, "a Christian. You know you believe in Jesus. Do you?" I didn't hear his answer but I told her, "if you marry _ when you are 18 or when you get older, you better invite me to the wedding." We assured me she will so I'll wait by my mailbox in 15 or so years.

I have one friend that has flexed for me a few times to show me his muscles. He even gives a grunt with the flex.

One friend also wears a snarf. It is simply a scarf but I don't know where she came up with the word snarf. It's cute though!

It's hard to believe the year is half way over! I guess it flies by when I I've only been there for 9 weeks.


  1. Well theres know doubt about it, YOUNG friends are smarter and know alot more about life and such things in life than us old folks. Can't believe a 5 year old thinks about marriage. and knows what they are looking for in this life. Iguess I should hide away from such brainy children/ Thoughts from an old man..Love Pa l.

  2. Oh those kindergarten cuties! I'm so glad you're their teacher.