Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm still here!

I started this yesterday but didn't save it.... :( so I will try again.

I really do miss blogging. I feel like a big slacker on Kinley's monthly updates. She is 5 months old now but the last one posted is from 3 months. She is growing and changing so much everyday. She is such a big girl now.

We have been quite busy over my Christmas break. School got out Friday, December 21, my dad came over Saturday, Brother and Claire flew in on Christmas Eve, we all traveled to Enid, Christmas Day happened, came back home, had Kinley baptized at church and hosted a small gathering for lunch, and sent Brother and Claire back off to Ohio and my dad back to Enid.... All in one week!

I am hoping the last week of break will be a little more relaxing and can have some time to explore photobucket so I can really blog like I like to again. And if I get that time.... Oh boy! There have been so many times that I want to blog about something but then remember I can't add pictures.

Since last posting, we have further joined the technological era with our Black Friday purchase of an iPad, which is where this post is being typed from. It is nice to have it to dink around on the Internet from the couch but that is really all we use it for. Since buying it, we have only charged it 3 times...that is how much or how little we actually use it.

Until next time....

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